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The following is a list of all characters from the game Moebius: Empire Rising.

List of Characters[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Location(s) Chapter(s) Voiced By
Alessandra Lorraine Chapter 5 Stacy Fong
Amble Dexter Amble Dexter.jpg Dexter's Office Chapter 1
Chapter 6
Terry McGovern
Ammon Ammon.jpg Lady of the Dunes Chapter 2 Terry McGovern
Bianca Cardolo Murder Bridge Chapter 1
Brett Brett.jpg Alfonse's Home Chapter 4
Caroline Alfonse Caroline Alfonse.jpg Le Chateau Champagne Chapter 4 Sydney Rainin
Catarina Felone Catarina Felone.jpg Murder Bridge Chapter 1 Maureen O'Donoghue
Congresswoman Smythe Rebecca Schweitzer
Dante Cardolo Dante Cardolo.jpg Alfonse's Home Chapter 1 Kid Beyond
David the Barista David the Barista.jpg La Belle Eiffel Hotel Chapter 4 Tony Azzolino
David Walker David Walker.jpg Cairo Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Colin Benoit
Dominique Freyre Dominique.jpg Dominique's Condo Chapter 6
Douglas Carter Douglas Carter.jpg Carter's Home Chapter 6 Eric Braa
FITA Guard FITA Guard.jpg 452 Central Park West Chapter 1 Adam Harrington
Flower Vendor Stacy Fong
Frank Kempt Tony Azzolino
Gabriella Spira Gabriela Spira.jpg Doge Plaza Chapter 1 Karen Strassman
Gretchen Stern Gretchen Stern.jpg Rector's Antiques Chapter 1
Chapter 6
Sarah Tancer
Guiseppe Barozzi Barozzi.jpg Barozzi's Antiques Chapter 1 Roger Jackson
Gustav Gustav.jpg Lorraine Estate Chapter 5 Christian Nielson Buckholdt
Hasim Hasim.jpg Lady of the Dunes Chapter 2 Eric Braa
Helene Bernadotte Helene Bernadotte.jpg Lorraine Estate Chapter 5 Annalisa Bastiani
Inspector Brunetta Detective Brunetta.jpg Murder Bridge Chapter 1 Chuck Kourouklis
Karl Lorraine Karl Lorraine 1.jpg Lorraine Estate Chapter 5 Roger Jackson
Layla Layla.jpg Cairo Youth Hostel Chapter 2 Nic McFiendish
Librarian Librarian.jpg Bibliotheque Nationale De France Chapter 4 Amy Ingersoll
Limo Driver Brian Sommer
Malachi Rector Malachi Rector.jpg Rector's Antiques Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Owen Thomas
Medic Guy Messenger
Michael Reichart Michael Reichart.jpg Dexter's Office Chapter 1 Julian Kwasneski
Military Commander Ruby Butterfield
Professor Reed Roger Jackson
Ninja/Fighter Sam Joan
Saa Saa.jpg Lady of the Dunes Chapter 2 Ruby Butterfield
Senator Markham Senator Markham.jpg Markham's Office Chapter 6 David Latulippe
Waiter Tony Azzolino
Youssef Masri Youssef Masri.jpg Masri's Emporium Chapter 2 Adam Harrington