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The following is a list of all achievements from the game Moebius: Empire Rising.

List of Achievements[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Description
A Compelling Biography A Compelling Biography.png Get all data points for Bianca
A Mystery Man A Mystery Man.png Finish David's analysis
An Eye for Antiques An Eye for Antiques.png Analyze all the antiques in the Alfonse home
Astronavigation Astronavigation.png Look at the constellation etchings
By Any Means Necessary By Any Means Necessary.png Give Carter the password or the data key
Caffeine Addict Caffeine Addict.png Go through 3 or more cups of coffee
Charming Young Man Charming Young Man.png Compliment Felone's house and give her the necklace
Codemaster Codemaster.png Successfully login to Reichart's computer
Comic Relief Comic Relief.png Listen to all of David's Jokes
Cooperate with the Authorities Cooperate with the Authorities.png Get on Brunetta's good side
Elementary, My Dear Watson Elementary, My Dear Watson.png Complete the game without using hints
Follow the Money Follow the Money.png Show the account ledger to Caroline
He'll Walk It Off He'll Walk It Off.png Leave David behind
It Belongs in a Museum! It Belongs in a Museum!.png Correctly finish the Canopic Chest analyze
It Takes the Edge Off It Takes the Edge Off.png Give Karl the Xanax
Knock-Knock Knock-Knock.png Listen to all of David's jokes
Ladies' Man Ladies' Man.png Get invited to Dominique's Bedroom
Medical Needs Medical Needs.png Show David the pills
Mind Your Own Business Mind Your Own Business.png Don't tell David about the pills
Mingle with the Locals Mingle with the Locals.png Talk to Hasim & Saa, Ammon, and Layla
Muuuubius Muuuubius.png Find the Moebius cow
One Good Deed Deserves Another One Good Deed Deserves Another.png Take David to the hotel room
Performing Monkey Hat Performing Monkey Hat.png Go to Venice
Prime Asset Prime Asset.png Give rope to Malachi
She's the One She's the One.png Complete Helene's Analysis
Stick it to the Man Stick it to the Man.png Get on Brunetta's bad side
The Bodyguard The Bodyguard.png Hire David to go to Masri's
The Gang's All Here The Gang's All Here.png Reunite in the maze
The Ultimate Boyscout The Ultimate Boyscout.png Use ropes & grappling hook to climb table to the balcony
Trimming the Hedges Trimming the Hedges.png Pick all 4 flowers

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